Connect To Technically
Screened And Vetted Talent

Connect To Technically Vetted Talent

Carefully Screened
Candidates must pass rigorous technical and behavioral screens.
We source from many channels including proprietary channels.
Zero Hassle
No integration time or cost. Qualified sourcing without extra work.

Calibrated screening. Based on leading tech companies.

Meet some team members. They screen the way they interviewed hundreds of technical candidates while at Facebook, Google and other top tech companies.
Thomas Bao
Ex-Facebook / Ex-Instagram Software Engineer
Corey Meldrum
Ex-Google Software Engineer & Data Scientist
Elizabeth Yin
Ex-Google Product Marketing Manager

How It Works

1. We Source
We source based on your requirements across many channels including our own proprietary channels.
2. We Screen
We conduct technical and behavioral screens. We also check for intent, ensuring your company is a top choice for the candidate.
3. Get Vetted Candidates
We intro you to strong candidates. You take it from there as you would normally without needing to change any internal processes.

Connect to Vetted Talent